Metal Fabrications, Machining 
         & Millwright Services Since 1969.


Since 1969 Universal Metalcraft, Inc. has been offering metal fabrications, machining and millwright services to our customers. We specialize in unique and difficult fabrications and millwright services. We have in-house expertise to develop, assemble and successfully generate complex projects. Through teamwork, commitment, and safety by our employees, we provide excellence in product quality, delivery and service.
Design and manufacture of special machinery per customer requests is one of our specialties. This commitment makes Universal Metalcraft, Inc. stand out from the rest in the industry. Below are some examples of special machinery we've created.
Complete welding services including carbon steel, alloy steel, process piping, stainless steel and aluminum. Below are some examples of our welding services we've provided to our customers.
Supply drawings for customers approval
Unique project combining special fabrication and machining
All internal wear area's from 1" thickness, 400 brinnel wear plate. Mill had to be concentric end-to-end and balanced

Description of Solution:
All welding was accomplished with latest recommended filler material's and preheating procedures. Special align jigs were required and trunnions were finished and machined after all welding was completed. 
Challenge: Design and provide drawings for customer approval.
Solution:  Sheet metal fabrication structure for frame work. Machining shafts and adjusting mechanism for chain belt. Electrical control panel & wiring. Set-up and mounting of burner package and controls. Test run conveyor and test fire burner system. Special Painting requirements to customer's request.